Betrayed by a Friend

Can there be anything more hurtful than to be turned over to the powers of those who seek you harm?

All because they see no value in you. Judas was one of these people claiming to be a  follower of Christ, but the only value he saw in HIM was a pittance a few pieces of silver compared to HIS overall true value.

How many of us today sell  HIM out for little and settle for little when  HIS worth in the Father’s eyes is the heir of all things?  It is  Christ who calls us out and makes us friends rather than leave us to suffer the wrath of God on sin.

Judas was looking for another kind of King, a political king with armies that would overthrow Rome. He, like many of the followers of Christ today are short-sighted even so close to the end they cannot see the end game.  They still balk at meekness and mercy, and for the Roman, mercy is a weakness when God sees MERCY as one of HIS greatest strengths.

Because Christians are more merciful spouting more pacifism than soldiers of truth, the enemy came into America to destroy our freedoms riding on the guise that they were our friends, and all they sought to do was rule over us and make us their slaves to feed their hungry bellies and egos.

It sounds like the original rebellion in heaven, the wanting to rule over others rather than allow God rule with declarations of HIS SON. To neglect, the worship of the SON began the upsetting of harmony. The insistence of seeing the face of the most high God brought with it death. There is a lot said about faith — the more light, the less fight.

The priesthood betrays Christ on so many levels. Those who are blind and defenders of darkness rather than light cannot see it. They see the light as darkness and darkness they call light because they made the wrong friends and compromised God’s word.

This Halloween, you will see many of them teaching their children early that compromise is not a problem??? Do something the week before and make it grand for Jesus so that others would want to celebrate our day our God and TRUTH!

Prophets of old were killed by the same people God had chosen to be HIS own, yet every prophecy in the word of God is true; everything they said has come to pass and is still coming to pass because they knew God.

Daniel 8:12 says truth is cast to the ground where it practices and prospers  TRUTH is God’s friend. This passage is not Jesus falling to the ground; HE is the TRUTH, and HE came willingly.   Humpty Dumpty may have fallen, but at least he saw what was on both sides of the wall; one side pushed him over. Which side did and for whose benefit?  One side needs a peace plan, and the other side want’s it to be Jesus.

One side is not so keen on the plan.

God’s original closest friend and covering cherub made holier than they because he carried the light lost his position in heaven because the congregation turned him to be their leader for him they could see. Did he point to the worship of the SON or the worship of other things?

Nothing goes to waste in or out of the kingdom of God fallen Lucifer becomes the first enforcer who reveals to God who truly loves HIM and HIS SON, and who does not?

Heaven remains heaven because those who would betray it stay with Loserfer, who seeks power over  TRUTH  when TRUTH is power.

I am no beauty Queen that only wishes for world peace.  A beautiful place is what my last name translates too.   It’s not on the outside that ship sailed a long time ago; however, inside, I carry a treasure.

I am one who knows God’s peace plan, and it has never changed. It will always be Jesus and his army that would honor HIS word.  Do you today still seek a leader like Judas did?

When I got my call from God, I was given something better than all the prophets combined  Daniel was a friend of God as well, and it is the book of Daniel that unlocks the book of Revelation that we are to rejoice over and be blessed in reading as we see the day approaching.

He only read the writing on the wall once.

He gave me something that all the world could see not just some phony apparition and it points to the word of God the word that sets men free.   Those who hide the truth and the word tell you who they really serve of course they would deny it.

The Prophets could not prove the speaking of God to them until the prophecy was passed, does God love me more because of what I found in  Egypt? You could not tell by those who claim to believe in HIM they are in no hurry to lift  HIM or let the world know the truth.

God made it simple they need to make it hard.

If you seek to hide the word of God from the lost and leave his SON’s effigy in the dirt because you seek power absent of truth, how does that make one different than  Judas?  To you, is his worth just a few choice pieces of silver?   Father sees the value of Jesus beyond the small visions of temporal power.

Actions speak louder than words. Money that was stolen originally by the Rothschilds combined with Vatican wealth. Not everyone is Ecumenical! Some still have a sense of honor and see the true value of Jesus!

Only Christians who truly love Jesus can finish the  New World ORDER  and do it right.

Were are you men of honor? Wake up!

Brother Abel

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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