ADD and ADHD and it all gets worse from there…

Aristotle was the first genuine scientist in history … every scientist is in his debt. This was a notation in the wiki concerning Aristotle he is the A in ADD or ADHD.

Darwin and Dawkins both have names that begin with the Duh sound. Whose lives have been wasted trying to deny the existence of a personal G-d and Creator of the universe. Still, no one has been able to produce a body, and Jesus made it blatantly clear in HIS teachings G-d the creator HIS Father (Spirit) was in HIM,  That HE on earth was the visible image of the invisible G-d, that HE possessed all truth and knowledge.

Wherever the Gospel of Jesus went in our modern world nations prospered G-d placed a great value on HIS SON and TRUTH.  Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. He warned us of the enemies tactics and how to defeat the darkness using HIS word and HIS name. There is an invisible enemy who is becoming more visible with each passing day.

My personal favorite is the H in ADHD it is Stephen Hawkings whose life’s work was spent in the pursuit of finding the mathematical formula to how all life began.  His conclusion is the very opposite of what the word of G-d reveals. Now here is a man whose life reveals that he is losing the battle with G-d his body is ravaged by (ALS).  I do not wish to laugh at the condition that would be cruel, I want to reveal what the message seems to really be saying.

The Bible tells us light began the world,  not a black hole where no light escapes.  His book “A Brief History of Time” remained a best seller for ten years. When he is wheeled out on a stage those looking to escape the idea of giving an account of their lives to G-d, stand and applaud. Stephen is a man who will one day finally stand up and very briefly I might add before the G-d he had no time for.  He may stand there without the blood of Christ on him and be asked to depart to a place of eternal torment a continued separation of G-d. Like a black hole, there is no escaping it and he will be reminded of all the times Christ tried to reach him.  The wheelchair will look like a blessing in comparison.

G-d is serious about HIS SON and HIS SON”s sacrifice. Stephen had plenty of opportunities his first wife was an Anglican and sung in the Church choir but to accept G-d would have interfered with his brilliant mind. Which turns out not to be so brilliant after all.  The Bible has prophecies being filled at an alarming rate. Proof that a master of time and space exists to provide us answers and reveal the final revelation of man.  The final one is the one where one man stands up to rule the world.

The final man stands up Daniel 8:23 he is not wheeled out onto a stage. He is covered with wealth from head to toe just like the one who started the lie that denied G-d’s SON to begin with this one will not.  Lucifer like Rome was covered with every precious stone made responsible for bringing worship to G-d’s throne. Instead, he and they led a rebellion against G-d using their wealth to turn hearts away from the true worship of G-d.

He wanted to be king of the hill the last man also carries the light of truth to lead the world back to a true relationship with G-d in G-d’s eyes he is a true king who gave up something as well to be here. When the perfect comes, the imperfect will be done away with. FYI that’s not me, that’s Jesus.   The horsemen of the apocalypse are bookended White Horses.  Stephen, I hope you hear me before you die,  this is your last chance before judgment is passed unto the wicked who rejected G-d and HIS SON.  We are here because the angels refused to worship HIM in heaven and insisted on seeing HIM,  they were not good in math or understanding why G-d loved HIS SON so much.

Many angels did well in Rock Making 101.
Many angels,  however, did well in Rock Making 101.

Life is eternal to help you understand that G-d sent someone to reveal that truth Daniel 8:12.   The first offering made to G-d was also the first shepherd and casualty of the war. For him, there would be a lot of firsts. He will be respected as it should have been by Cain and the power behind Cain,  The power behind Cain and jealousy is also the power who helped Aristotle,  Darwin,  Dawkins, and Hawkings. For those of you who applauded Hawking and his THEORY,  his name begins with the “Ha” sound.

Brother Abel

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