A simple confession and belief


Jesus spoke with a religious leader of his day Nicodemus, telling him that to see heaven or gain entrance one must be born again!  (John 3:3 )It is a simple process one must confess their need,  admit that they are sinners and ask Christ to remove that sin by offering their lives to HIM.  Believe HE is the only begotten Son of G-d, and HIS work on the cross completed the work necessary to make one completely clean.  Jesus said the angels would come to the earth and separate out all those who offend and do iniquity.  (Matthew 13:41-42) This graphic shows you how they intend to do it.

I have to deal with millions of religious leaders, not just one.   Is there a simple phrase that will begin the revival and give to the church the blessing G-d so wants to bring?  The men who can change our world, need to make one simple confession that in no way will dishonor the LORD.  Once this confession is realized by the leadership, we can begin bringing in G-d’s final harvest.

I placed up a graphic that G-d’s HOLY LAMPS have done to show you how simple it is.  The angels are always watching, and G-d is always looking into the heart.


The 144,000 need funds for expenses left with them they are after all your brothers and fellow servants in Christ. Did any of you men of G-d save anything for them or even care about them? How will they be chosen if G-d removes his leadership from the earth? Who will call them out?  There is a good chance that many men who do not plan or prepare the world for what is coming are not as angels at all but are servants of hell.

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