Rejoicing in the Justice of God.

Any person who sees the truth and chooses to hide it is a servant of the darkness; the Lord Jesus made it very clear that the devil, our adversary, is a liar and the father of lies. This same Jesus told HIS disciples to call no man father Matthew 23:9 while He was rebuking the religious people in their day. Fully aware of what the future held and HIS enemies’ false Church that ignores the second commandment and has it removed from their ten. How does this please Jesus? Yet I am peer pressured into joining with the traitors or excusing the ugly truth of who they represent. Let me remind you Jesus came for the Jewish people first who rejected HIM that we may be saved.  HE has never rejected them, and HE would never place an offense in their path. The time of the gentiles has ended, and… Read moreRejoicing in the Justice of God.