It’s All In The Way You Look At Things.

Merry Christmas Saints and Future Saints.

The question we should ask is this. How does G-d see everything?

The angels had no centers for higher learning and if they did,  they would not have concluded all life began out of a black hole in one singularity. G-d is light and light began everything.

Stephen Hawking had to come up with a formula that can prove life began some other way. He would have not sold as many books had he said to millions who seek to deny G-d’s existence, that light came first. Those people have no hope and are on their way to hell because they must find a way to prove HE does not exist. In doing so they must equally deny HIS SON. If they are celebrating Christmas, it certainly isn’t with Jesus.

Instead of finding ways to prove HIS existence to bring HIM glory. They work hard trying to find reasons why HE doesn’t exist or shouldn’t exist. In an effort to comfort their conscience and attempt to have peace in their sins.

The Holy one spoke and BANG the worlds were created.

The Holy one spoke and BANG the worlds were created.

The beauty of my call is, I prove that they both exist. You just gotta love that kind of humor.

For instance, take the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Why even place it there if he did not want us to have knowledge of evil? What was the message he was trying to convey and to whom?

There are 94 Fruit positions which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does.

There are 94 fruit positions, which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does. So my question to you is… How is knowledge of evil working out for us? Take a look at Psalm 94:1-23

Most people believe it was an apple tree???  It was one tree that differed from all the others in the garden! Apples come on many different trees…So we can rule out the apple or maybe G-d had something against green granny smiths versus red delicious?

No matter the answer, the computer giant Apple Computer won’t be changing their logo any time soon to a peach. It has something to do with tradition…

It is the simple process of elimination. The peach is the fruit with the biggest pit, of course its the peach. It is a one-of-a-kind fruit that pleases the eye. I dare any theologian to prove me wrong. As for the pit, we are still falling deeper into it.

We can argue about all sorts of things the bible doesn’t clearly say, or look closely enough at it to find out that it says what it is supposed to say, without ruining the surprise.

Now was Adam and Eve’s love for each other improved or diminished after the fall? Was their intimacy fuller or did it suffer? Love is a powerful tool in the hands of a great and awesome G-d. Eve threw down the gauntlet stealing G-d’s man away from him. G-d was going to show her what true love and romance are really all about. It is a lesson for everyone.

After all, HE authored families and Romance.  HE was even so kind as to place the peace plan in the names of the ones who follow Satan, and they would never see it, because they are dead to the truth. In doing this, HE helps save countless millions to HIS Son when the righteous open their eyes to the awesome love story HE has written. Those who say they can see should start really beholding HIS glory.

G-d gave man one rule to obey…The angels because we know G-d is balanced and fair also had one rule. Theirs was to worship the Son. So when explaining laws to the angels, when man comes they would understand better. To the angels HE might have said…You are called to worship the highest, my Son, and they are not to eat of that tree (Proverbs 11:1). HE does not ask us to do, what HE would not do. There is a deeper underlying message in understanding that last sentence.


Eight is a number for perfection it is also the same for the symbol of infinity. The angels asked G-d to tear himself in two forcing the creation of man. We have two seats divided with what appears to be a chainsaw blade. This is explaining to us that the angels asked for the brutality. G-d gave them the dinosaurs to show them what brutality was to help them understand. In hopes of curbing the inevitable.  However, they still insisted on seeing the Son they heard so much about and worshiped.



Psalms 110:1 The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. By the way Father and HIS SON they sit face to face , right hand to right hand.  The earth is the Father’s footstool is it not? It is all in the way you look at things I do not want to sit on either side,  I prefer HIS lap there is plenty of room for everyone there.

G-d has an enemy that desires to rebel against HIS will. By claiming the rules established in heaven before mankind existed needed not to be followed in order for that society to function. The proof is in the pudding or better yet the proof is found at the end of the age.

The enemy is not whom everyone thinks, sure he captained the rebellion, but he did not create it. The decepticons have misled everyone on that point, but that was the point to confuse you.

Every society needs a leader, and free will was the problem. Free will was called to come worship the highest G-d. Worship of the SON was going south fast in heaven. They did not want to worship the truth of what G-d was saying about HIS Son. Father always speaking in faith knowing one day, HE would sit at HIS right hand. Without faith, it is impossible to please the Son, is what they were told. Just as the world hears that without faith, it is impossible to please G-d.

They wanted a G-d they could see, so G-d made the biggest cherub ever and placed in him the lights of HIS Son. G-d is spirit and as spirit, HE needed a transport vehicle to go through the kingdom to bring back the rebellious. Lucifer was the light bringer but not the light.

We know that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. Lucifer corrupted his wisdom by reason of his merchandise. Like so many compromise G-d’s word while they too claim the spirit of G-d lives in them. If you compromise the law and mock G-d than you belong to someone else don’t kid yourself. Lucifer became Satan because the angels mocked him rather than support his reason for being. The reason to bring back order to heaven.

The covering bigger in comparison to the angels by his stinger. Made up of 14 circles the eyes need not be so we come up with 12 the three angels for how many verses we come to Isaiah 14:12-15

The covering is bigger in comparison to the angels by his stinger. Made up of 14 circles the eyes need not to be, he lives in darkness, so we subtract two bulbous eyes. We then come up with 12, the three angels for how many verses we need in order to make it stand out… Isaiah 14:12-15. The flames are made by natural water stains in the crops. It is a classic hell like image. Because Satan is two-faced, we double that to Ezekiel 28:12-15. There is a hidden Psalm we count four up from the stinger. We find three spirits / angels / Eucharist you get the point or will, better now than when dead aye? Psalm 34:1-17 we count the angels before the wicked one. So yes three went before the four.

Women did not exist before  man so drawing angels with breasts defiles the true story, another mild deception. Saying G-d has many wives is a foolish message put out by others that the enemy likes to mock… Mormon’s. I expose the humor by revealing the truth. You can be sure the devil is laughing harder than you or I at what he has done to them.

If you are paying attention, you will have noticed how Satan and his puppets, which serve him closely have no natural desire towards women. When they try to have relations in order to deceive us that they are loving it usually ends up in abuse. Darkness does not know love. G-d, however, knows true love when he sees it. In order to love truthfully G-d needs to be in you.

So a loving G-d, created for HIS Son a beautiful coat of many colors. Which was made up of all manners of precious stones to place on HIM to show the angels how much HE loves HIS Son. We are talking about the same G-d who also sent HIS only Son into the Earth born in a stable with stinky smelly animals to be around dirty filthy men.

We are commissioned by Jesus to be fishers of men.  G-d fished for his angels using a lure in heaven to draw the rebellious back. Thinking they would be smart enough to know that trouble was coming.  He showed up in the end,  just like me.

I hope and pray everyone gets filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Because I would hate it if we needed to do this a third time through wouldn’t you?

I have said in the past, I do not feel anything for Lucifer; he chose his path. He does not feel as man feels. For G-d or I, it is no different from our concern for what a Lobster feels at the bottom of the ocean. The fallen angels/ demons chose their environment by saying no to the beauty they witnessed and the splendors of heaven. Heaven can only function superbly when the SON is honored and respected as G-d desires.

I do know that hell was not made for man. However, men and women are making the choice not to be with G-d. HE respects that choice. What will that involve for heaven and them? It means they will miss it and the ones who make it will forget all about them. The angels, on the other hand, will have to see the smoke of the torment of the lost forever so that they maintain and not let it happen again. The wicked angels refused to worship the Son in heaven and forced G-d to create a place to put the trash, so that heaven could remain joyful and beautiful. So those who think they are getting in without the Son of G-d think again it is why this happened to begin with.

In the new heavens and earth after Christ’s millennial reign, there are only those who want to be and proved it by giving their lives to the Son of G-d for safe keeping. They honor and respect HIM and HIS leadership. They will not be able to go beyond the borders of the Kingdom to see the old world that will have been destroyed in the Sun going supernova. However, the angels will be sent annually or at G-d’s request in order for them never to forget where rebellion led.

G-d revealed to us in the wilderness that he hated murmurs and complainers, and those who treated HIS leadership with disrespect, don’t take my word for it… ask Korah.

G-d cannot put stones on me to show where he has placed HIS light. HE has, however, given me the plan his creature needs to get his temple built. He also requires a body. He jumped the gun with Moses, so we know it is a leader of G-d’s people and after an Exodus. Thank’s slick for helping us all solve that one. That makes us the richest “Born Agains”, “Born Agains” alive Psalm 126:2. If you want world peace and others to be saved you won’t be as the angels were in heaven turning me against G-d as they did Lucifer. You will do better; G-d is counting on us. Think of me as Mordecai to his Haman it will be like him saying as Haman said …”Look what this man has done for the King”

The son of G-d is no one's pet and HE will not be mocked.

The son of G-d is no one’s pet, and HE will not be mocked. It was fallen Angels not ancient aliens!

He can consume all the world’s cash wealth, and it will not affect G-d’s plans. Just as he brought millions of lost people to an altar to get their treats. Allowing them to die in their sins thinking they received Jesus by the works created by a phony priesthood, building his one-world government.

I will bring all through using the debit card with the RFID chip. Those who do not repent in time for resurrection / rapture and get left behind, will be fully warned well in advance about taking it in their body. It would be selling their soul to a dying system. The creature is now G-d’s pet, as he runs around with a head injury telling everyone, he is G-d. Those who planned to do us harm and allow another holocaust to happen to Christians, and Jews are the ones being left to be dealt with their own gallows.




The wise Angeles went back to worship the Son while the foolish played the nothing bad is going to happen card. The finder of the truth  is not a Buddhist, Muslim or Catholic. He loves Jesus with his whole heart. We are hoping humans will become smarter than the angels were when they hear the evidence supporting the events,  they will be seeing.

Too many have been Benny Hinned; he teaches he’s a little god, but he will die like a man. So will his followers who bought into it and did not try to correct him. Can the devil lay thousands over on their backsides? Only at rock concerts at no time a church service, he never shows up in a church service.

Instead of cooperating with the clever tool G-d made and encouraged him in his appointed position to bring in their loved ones. They mocked and ridiculed him turning him against father by dipping the coat into the blood and saying the Son was dead to them. They fashioned a G-d of their own making. Now they will spend eternity with him instead of one who is loving and kind and shows mercy.

you can almost hear the conversation of the half hearted. So you seen the Son yet? You know HE's playing you for a stooge.

You can almost hear the conversation of the half hearted. So you seen the Son yet Lou? You know HE’s playing you for a stooge. If the Son was real he would be here by now.

They fashioned their leadership every society needs a leader, and that was the one they wanted over the Son. One they could see and he… was… spectacular! So G-d is doing the same thing here as he did in heaven. How important are your neighbors and loved ones to you who do not know Jesus?

We made it easy; we allowed the enemy to dress himself so that we can bring their multitude of lost followers to the cross. Allowing them to see the truth we speak of. I will not compromise the important things that reveal the truthfulness of one’s need for Christ.

My minister said if someone insists that Santa is an offence to G-d simply smile and know he means well. Make him feel like the ignorant one, don’t let him sway you; it’s only a nice Christmas story that does no harm to anyone. Does that not just fly in the face of truth? The reason behind mocking G-d is to keep you here.

“Every time we give up a part of our faith…To try and fit in to the
ways of the world. We lose it forever. WE lose a precious part of G-d’s
promise. Sacrificed to the world and the world will never give it back
and someday when the world tells us we can no longer have our religion
accept where they say and G-d is driven from our schools, and our
government, and our homes. Then G-d’s people can look back and know
that our religion was not taken from us. It was given up handed over
bit by bit until there was nothing left” Robert Sayers Sheffey (July
4, 1820 – August 30, 1902)

Where did all our nice manger scenes go that sat in our public arena’s?

Santa manger

It’s just a story …He was given godlike powers and shows up on a day G-d did not ask us to celebrate. He offers up half the holy, holy, holy in the heavens that it supposed to be. It is an old tradition a pagan holiday trying to be covered by a new wineskin… The truth bleeds through it leaks out. The one behind it is a mocker of G-d a well-known liar always has been. I have a story as well. Mine. However, is true. I never knew my parents my stepfather was a carpenter, and my step mother was named Lucille. She was my covering that failed me, like his failed him. He had a great childhood bad ending I’m getting the opposite. You can see why Satan fears the antichrist and wants to stop him. My life screams the enemy is real; we are going home, and G-d does love you. Alas in G-d’s love and mercy I cannot be stopped, and do, you really want me to be? Do your loved ones want me stopped as well? Justice is in the hands of G-d and so is the man he chooses. Every day we delay hundreds of Catholics go to hell who promoted this kind of mockery.

Look how far G-d took us to see what was in Egypt all this time, and my pastor thought he was just going to smile at me and nod when I tell him don’t do it. It was put there by his enemy to offend HIM and mock him. Join us in heaven pastor(s) when you can become sensitive to spiritual truth .  In the meantime I am looking for men who fear G-d to hang with. You prove to me time and time again you are not one of them. I will still be calling on the AG members to help with the harvest some of them really do fear G-d, but I will not be calling on you. You are the most insensitive man I have ever met behind a pulpit. I know you are either Jesuit trained or Roman Catholic seduced. You can help them find the truth in the tribulation I know you will, because in your compromising pagan state, you can’t help anyone now?

I acknowledge I am no better than King David or his Son King Solomon. I am, however, older than both and wiser than Solomon, so should you be if you have read the Bible. G-d gave us the mind of Christ and HIS Holy Spirit. Some people can fake the HOLY SPIRIT really well, just so you will accept them or follow them. They give themselves away in allowing the Son of G-d to be mocked by HIS enemy.


On Christmas, we celebrate a day that was originally a pagan holiday made into a Christian one. Jesus warned us not to do this… Placing a new thing over an old thing. The old thing will eventually over take it, because it is tradition, it overrules.

We are here because the half-hearted angels mocked Lucifer and his role in heaven. They insisted on seeing the Son he was made to cover. Because Lucifer lacked understanding he turned and led the rebellion but not before bringing in some of the strays.

High PriestLosing his stones and G-d fashioning man into his image made the enemy “fallen will” angrier, G-d knew that his vanity would steal from mankind eventually showing himself as the richest and most powerful leadership in the world Ezekiel 28:17. Only finding peace would elude him and his followers. It would never elude a true believer. For peace can only be found in Christ.

G-d is fishing again. Only this time he is using live bait and separating the half-hearted from the true believers in Christ. The half-hearted ones will become tribulation saints. They refused to help bring in the harvest and ridiculed or attacked the man G-d chose to do it with. Just like all those fallen angels that are wishing everyday their boss was a little nicer. G-d’s man is the new light bearer because he won the game Lucifer started called “king of the hill” you had to know who was the king and where he belonged.

The man on the left is like the Sphinx; he is a statement. It is G-d’s message to the enemy before the making of man; it is this…If you refuse to worship my Son, I will take the very dust of the ground you crawl on and replace you with it. Stone for stone just as he was covered so is the high priest. The enemy of course went first and built his insult, the best way to win a game watch how the opponent moves. Anticipate his next movement. It is a futile game of chess when played with G-d.

The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive.

The darkness loves power and is drawn out of those with the Holy Spirit as depicted by the soul with two spirits. The angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive and if the revival in Boston had not been destroyed by grumblings, the whole body of Christ would know of it.

Jesus did not come to give us an old covenant but a new covenant that turns the world upside down. Tradition is no longer the plan; a brand-new thing has dawned. The old is to pass away, behold all things become new. Jesus ended the priesthood; the enemy just couldn’t let it go. It had always served him so well.

Without laws, we would have chaos. Cars wouldn’t run and plants wouldn’t grow, and most likely we would float off into space if we existed at all. Laws govern our internal human body systems as well.

Laws have a purpose; they hold a society together. The original law given to the first creatures of G-d’s creation were the Angels. They were asked to worship the Son of G-d and give HIM praise and honor for having created all that they enjoyed. Whom, by the way, they told me to tell you all. They really appreciate the idea of having a tree shoved up their hind quarters once a year, they too look forward to this holiday???

Seven arms of half eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to through the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

Seven arms of half eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to through the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

They are going to carry us home and most everyone wants to either eat them or stick tree’s up to their heinies.

It's an old grave site called a barrow found in England the message is clear the angels are here to lift us. They are turning a jackstand to simulate lift.

It’s an old grave site called a barrow found in England.  The message is clear the angels are here to lift us. They are turning a jackstand to simulate lift.


Giving us what they gave us 60 years ago. They brought this on us.

Giving us what they gave us 60 years ago. They brought this on us.

Cats on Broadway had a better turnout. This show has been going on 1900 years, and it’s always the same show. Come back tomorrow we will be performing the sacrifice of the Son of G-d again every hour on the hour, don’t you miss it.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth. Light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth. Light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.

The government and the phony priesthood have always had a symbiotic relationship to build the enemies new world order. I hope they enjoy what they have made together as for me I’m preparing to go back home where I belong and you are all welcome to join me. It will be a blast!

Those who have studied the Bible know that before the fall of man a heavenly rebellion took place. No women existed so the first spirits of the rebellion only wanted to rule above the SON. Women were sought after by angels in the second rebellion before the flood. One is Satan's group the other is Prince of persia's group however without the spirit of G-d any demon can use you.

Those who have studied the Bible know that before the fall of man a heavenly rebellion took place. No women existed so the first spirits of the rebellion only wanted to rule above the SON. Women were sought after by angels in the second rebellion before the flood. One is Satan’s group the other is Prince of persia’s group however without the spirit of G-d any demon can use you.

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