I Selected this one for ShineOnJesus and Here is Why.

It is a wise man who wins souls and the wisest man I know is Jesus Christ.
He definitely has King Solomon beat on the soul winning.

I am so glad HE is living in my heart.

Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world.

I do not believe it has ever been the intent of the LORD to harass,  to intimidate,  to coerce
people to love and serve HIM.   I love HIM because HE first loved me.

When an institution as big as Rome throws their weight around and threatens a nation by financial ruin or intimidates coerces and threatens to disclose the sins of others for political gain it is time to take away their keys.

They do not know Christ or the power in the blood! Sin’s under the blood are remembered no more.
The reason G-d cries out to his people come out of her for he has remembered her deeds is because they are not under his protection and those standing with her will also be damned.

The greatest transgression of our time was taking a great nation like America and placing it under the Pope allowing them to take their financial holdings in America and make people homeless in order to place their false Messiah-like image to the lost Muslim world to create peace.

This should shout “They do not know G-d!” those who follow them are equally as lost.

I have come for this generation and this generation knows better than any other that the Sceptre of David has more power than the keys!

I will need your help in winning your parents to Christ and others of your generation. The generation that saw Nazi Germany and said nothing to those behind doing it here.

This Nation is Under G-d’s Protection these Papists will stay for their creation,  they built their own gallows because they rejected the LORD. Christ came to lift up HIS Father I came to do the Same!

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