Don’t buy this video!

People whom have destroyed your world do not want you to view this video. It will only seek to confirm everything  in this Blog, and all that I have been saying. The crime lords would have to turn America over to the true saints of the word maybe even vacate America.

Whatever you do,  do not,  I repeat do not buy this video,  if believed the world will turn inside out, and evil will have no place to hide. Souls may get saved, and peace may come to the world. Just before Jesus arrives G-d forbid.

Ministers of the gospel do not want peace to happen, they would have to rethink the message of the Bible and realize they were conned by the people who do not want you to own this video.  They spent loads of money to learn how to misinterpret the word as taught by the people who do not want you to buy this video.


But if you must the image below will take you to Amazon where you can own a copy and share with friends.  This makes ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ look like ‘Mary Poppins’…You have been warned.

This excerpt teaches you why medical costs are so high, the legal system so corrupt education so expensive. Everything wrong with the world has its roots in a dead language called Latin and today it is still killing millions.

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Resurrection Happens Only Once

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