New Steps to Peace with God Released Due to the COVID-19 Scare.

They have six to eight hospitals in every state in the Union and several around the globe. Now they have the Whitehouse the W.H.O Ho, Ho, Ho. It is one of their brainchilds to bring in the NWO.  This is to keep the priesthood alive by making America like China. Protestants will suffer in the new regime. They are not for pro-Protestant life or freedom at all. Jesus is on HIS WAY! Americans must rise up now or learn to speak Chinese the dragon’s Church is attracted to the dragon. Walmarts are running out of things soon they will be re-education centers. You peel more shrimp now, then we move you to garlic! No more this Protestant Jesus.



So why do you think Catholics are not Ambassadors for heaven or even going to be allowed there? If they came in they would ruin heaven like they did America they would do the same in heaven, an unrepentant will is a will that does not serve God. The devil has come but to steal, kill, and destroy. Those who stand with her reveal they are not loyal to the King of Kings nor do they know HIM either. Jesus said specifically to call no man FATHER for a very good reason. HE was the word incarnate and HIS words are with value.

Brother Abel