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solvedpyramidmovieWhere the wicked and evil have found a home.

There are 33 videos in all more to come. Click the more link below the last video to see more.

When you go to a theater you pay dearly in several ways;  one is what you allow to entertain you.  Would G-d sit there with you and watch it as well? Does it draw you closer to HIM or further away?

Also, I put my personal fortune into hosting this website and putting these together so that you may get your loved ones to the cross in time for departure.

Please support my work because it is of the utmost importance to the harvest.

Make a small donation if G-d places it on your heart to do so. The donate button is on the right all the way at the bottom of this page, and it is the only place you will find it.

What’s this diabolical plot to influence people away from Jesus?
With this website full of abominations???

Made by a truck driver who drives for “Land Air Express.” ???

Who lives in a town where Alan the good “Shepard” is from. ???

Who’s last name means “Beautiful Place” and it was DIVINELY given to him,  I might add.  What does this all add up too???

The circles are made in a town that bears his last name that houses a TRANSPORTATION museum. ??? What evil is unfolding here???  What mockery is this???  His name contains five counts them,  five initials B_A_B_EL.  At one time the Transportation Museum number five exhibit was 007’s car it is now the number 14 exhibit so we are forced to add and I do prefer adding opposed to subtracting.  So does my Father.  I can do it without compromising G-d’s word!  My initials where EL before the adoption into Pharaoh’s religion.  My middle name is Andrew, who coincidentally was a fisherman and an apostle of Christ.


Holy diabolical plans Batman what’s going on??? Could this be the end for our HEROES ???

What has Genesis 11:9 and Revelation 9:11 have in common with 911 2001? Is this the end.You can guarantee it!

As Genesis 4:4 and Revelation 4:4… eight it’s a beautiful number New Beginnings, New Heavens, New Earth.
No more problem children! Problem Solved!

8 8 8 8 Psalm 32:1-11
8 4 4 8 Psalm 24:1-10
8 4 4 8 Proverbs  24:1-34
8 8 8 8  Jonah is the 32nd book in the bible it has four verses.  We are all called to be Jonah in these last days.

This page deals with the crop images done in easy to understand videos to explain their meaning. The word of G-d sets those in darkness free. Many would keep the word from the world those people are not hard to spot. They have been trained by the darkness who for some odd reason does not know Jesus was the final sacrifice.

That the need to have a priesthood ended after Jesus cried out “It is finished.” They have planted people in our churches to protect their Nazi socialists agenda that they believe G-d wants. ??? Yes, beloved,  G-d want’s another remake of Inquisition and Nazi Germany!….NOT!

The medium I am going with for global involvement and outreach is a program called Emby or maybe even Plex. Private in home servers as well as in Churches will ensure that the New World Order Gestapo won’t reach all of them in time. Allowing the stragglers plenty of time to hear the message give their lives to Christ and come home.

The 144000, remaining behind will use them as tools; my Pastor is pretty tech savvy. Every time I try to talk to him about Kingdom work, he is busy texting on his cell phone or reading a text messages he thinks it’s nice I can do these crop circles though whoopee.

So he can manage a few servers himself when the time comes. When someone talks to you after you seeing a visual ordination of G-d towards one of HIS own and you continue to look down your nose at him, in kind someday he may be looking down his nose at you.

The problem I am seeing with him as I do so many others is that he has been Benny Hinn’d, and Benny Hinn says he’s a little god. Good luck with that on judgment day Benny,  let me tell you about my original birth parents, please.  Had they not thought that (be gods) it would have been a better world indeed. G-d is very sensitive to who G-d is,  HE gave the position to HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.

Why must at the end of the age of all the teachings this one showed up???  Because the angels will leave those behind who have never learned the lesson. The devil knows this and likes to play with his food.

I am sure when our Father and Benny Hinn’s father releases my inheritance getting the video’s shown won’t be a problem. My concern is the tribulation period making sure that no one takes that mark without realizing what it means for eternity.

you can almost hear the conversation of the half hearted. So you seen the Son yet? You know HE's playing you for a stooge.

You can almost hear the conversation of the half-hearted elders with the younger taking the cue to mock Lou.  So you seen the Son yet? You know HE’s playing you for a stooge. I wonder what made him so angry and hateful?

The congregation was jealous of his position and turned him against G-d.  You find that in the story of Joseph and the covering cherub of colors.  So it was the angels who molded their leader into what they suffer with now. When they could have helped him champion the cause and win all of them back to worship. We are here because of envy,  jealousy and strife and the same thing is happening again. Difference is this time I will not turn on Jesus He is my best friend and greatest lover.

I have been told to feed ducks, find another job, called delusional and none of those things will win the world to Jesus.  If I  stand up, the fish will jump into the boat if I do not… Well you figure it out,  you all talk to G-d don’t you?

Some ministers take pants that are inside out and reach up through the pant leg to the top to turn them right. It’s difficult, but it can be done.

The easiest way to turn them right is to reach to the bottom of the pant leg and pull them through from the bottom up. It’s where Jesus came, and he is for everyone!

G-d rewards those who love HIS Son with their whole being. That financial blessing that I tell you about is found in Psalm 126 in case you are wondering where I see it.  We are in the 21’st century (777) isn’t Psalm 21 telling us something? They need us!

After last Christmas, I decided against supporting the AG financially with the lion’s share of the dragon’s treasury. How can you be Pentecostal and not see what G-d is doing here?  When you offend G-d, blindness is the curse. Say tisk, tisk  to me and try and make me feel bad about choosing the truth and exposing Santa for what he is.  You promised to preach G-d’s word, and you don’t even have it behind the pulpit.

It may take a little time for the movies to load the links are still working… The videos are being pulled from a different server so please be patient. I hope we win a great many souls to Jesus before we leave… I hope you like the new format. ~Brother Bob

Hey Habib…What you make of this? Yes G-d has a Son in fact Habib G-d has many Sons.

In the video section click on the Magazine covers for a larger display of them if you would like.

Click on the cover for a larger view . Description and what to look for to confirm.


365 days G-d only wants 49 of them.
The best day of the week bar none.

Remember the Sabbath

G-d is not going to lose if a handful of smart ministers can get together and figure out what G-d wants to do. First get away from the dissemblers who keep smiting the rock. Why do you want to be with those who are not getting into the promised land? Rather be a leader and make them follow you. If you're certain, you're in. The priesthood was destroyed when the final sacrifice was made. The blind guides are headed to hell so why would anyone want to follow them?



Prepping for Rapture
Surrounding the Earth is anomalies that appear intelligent. NASA has captured them because technology has advanced to the point we can see we are not alone. This is all part of G-d's plan. The earth trembled, and the mountains moved and the fallen angels not ancient aliens were trapped by the increase in the gravitational pull. They could not undo their insult attacking the Son of G-d built in what we call Egypt. What the devil meant for evil G-d meant for good and man was brought to a place to show us the truth of the battle between them. G-d is wise and loving while the other who built the symbols that have become representations of the battle...Is rude, arrogant and a liar who makes slaves of all his followers. Soon the Earth will shift back, and the angels will snatch us out. Compare Jeremiah 4:24 and Revelation 6:14.

Resurrection Plans

Good fruit comes in while fruity fruit stays for the tribulation.


Fly Fishing & Hunting Jeremiah 16:16
We were to gather all the Jews in Israel for their protection. This image takes some work, but we can balance the boat we fish from and when you fish with Jesus, you need to call in other boats. The reason we want the Jewish people back in their homeland is to let the world know the hour. Plus the temple needs to be built so no NUKES fall here.

Father and I prefer live bait opposed to dead bait...or flashy lures.

Father and I prefer live bait opposed to dead bait...or flashy lures.


New World Nazi's


Prophecy Fulfilled Towers Fall

I have said it before, I desire to make it perfectly clear, so let me again say ..."This is a cattle drive to the cross to leave the wicked behind with their toys." Wake up church this is how we are doing the harvest. What keeps you from seeing it is the tares in among you and those who support the wicked one and his church. If you don't like me, it's G-d's indicator if you are His friend or not you know I am clearly His. The truth sets people free.

The vast majority of people do not know how to enter into heaven. They are what we call the lost and the damned. Putting one Tower up in Genesis 11:9 or taking two towers down on 911 proves they still do not know how to get into heaven.

Right Out of the Mouth of One of G-d's Own People!

Seven is G-d’s number as well WTC 7 – Pull It By Larry Silverstein



A good detective always gets his man.

One Good Chief Keeps an Eye on the Law

All it takes is one good Chief. Solving great mysteries is the job of any good detective. We have been told that there are considerable mysteries of G-d that are too awesome for us to understand, by those who don't understand many of them. In this video, I give you the tools you need to figure one of them out. Who is the responsible party for destroying great civilizations? Jesus and I are like the "Hardy Boys." Psalm 21:8 I will find all His enemies. It is not the percentage of Roman Catholics in our politics that disturb me as much as the number of their minions in our Churches continuing to defend and support them when G-d is making it perfectly clear they are being left behind! While they continue to walk around as nothing is happening and it's business as usual. Talking politics as they are blinded to the signs and the hour they live in. Let's help the enemy's children find the truth that will set them free!

He also does not take from those whom he is Chief over. People love a good Chief and serve him with joy.


Wedding Preparedness

When you are in love…you give the one you love the very best.

The creator of the Universe Cordially invites you to attend the wedding held for His Son Jesus Christ. To prepare the Bride will need to have a full dress rehearsal. Those who would like to participate with organizing and planning can find out more at any Church... Displaying the emblems of the HOUSE of G-d. I am the wedding planner. In a macho kind of way of course. Did I tell you Jesus and I are best friends.

G-d wants to let Israel know how special she is to HIM will you help me?


Opening Our Inheritance

Dragons Have Treasure

Someone told me G-d didn't need money. So I know a god who has lots of it that he needs to give it up. Jesus told me he wanted me to have it and give it to his Church, that he could make more when he got here to begin using it for the celebrations to tell everyone Jesus is on His way. The elect can't be deceived; however, there are a lot of deceived people who think their elect. If you already heard the first 18 minutes of the video jump ahead to get blessed.

Usually you will find a lot of dead bones in his lair of people who tried to take it from him.
I'm going to slay a dragon!

I'm going to slay a dragon!



Prevent a Crime
This cover declares wisdom due to the facts at hand. To see the full Amazing discoveries lecture you may go here... The one in mine is just a 18 minute important segment of lecture 21. It is nice to have others that agree with you.  Can the New World order be stopped?  Read Psalm 21:11 the crown of England is holding open a Pulpit for G-d's last day messenger and bait that will expose the lies of Satan.   He needs World peace in order to have his temple built. The dragon wanted power,  America showed it to him he came for it with the help of his body of tares.  All we need to do is give him another power to pursue and that is where G-d's body of true believers shine.  This one has a surprise happy ending!

Saving America Save The World For Jesus

How did we go from a great country to our POTUS being new world order puppets? Who has money and power and doesn't value human life? How does a Protestant America become so heavily influenced by the unredeemed in just 60 years??? Men of G-d it's time to go fishing the fish are big and oily, and they will put up a fight. They wear fish head hats that are not bought off the rack! They either come on the first wave out or be cleaned before they have their heads cut off and fed to the cat. The cat is angry!

We live in a great nation. The question one should ask themselves is how did Roman Catholic's take over a Protestant Nation and turn it into a cesspool?
Newsweek Towers


G-d reveals the truth behind 911
G-d reveals the truth behind whom HE holds responsible for 911. War profiteering has always been their source of survival. Which allows for rape, pillaging, and stealing. We are mere entertainment for them. What truly gives it away is that seven years later they try to put in a false Messiah to bring peace in the White House only to have that backfire on them as well. The LDS church and Mitt Romney along with Dr. Steven Jones of BYU testify to the people behind the new world order is our own government run by Rome. If it is going to be a revived Roman empire than who is behind that? Canada, Britain Wake-up it is time to go home.

Prophecy Fulfilled Towers Fall

I have said it before, I desire to make it perfectly clear, so let me again say ..."This is a cattle drive to the cross to leave the wicked behind with their toys." Wake up church this is how we are doing the harvest. What keeps you from seeing it is the tares in among you and those who support the wicked one and his church. If you don't like me, it's G-d's indicator if you are His friend or not you know I am clearly His. The truth sets people free.

The vast majority of people do not know how to enter into heaven. They are what we call the lost and the damned. Putting one Tower up in Genesis 11:9 or taking two towers down on 911 proves they still do not know how to get into heaven.


High Low Times
WE are going to get higher than any of these people! The Bible tells us that the devil will steal many souls using sorcery which comes from the Greek word "pharmakeia" which is used three times in the New Testament. Once as "Witchcraft" in Gal. 5:20, and twice as "sorcery" in Revelation 9:21; Revelation 18:23. My prayer is that you see the truth before it is too late.


The music in this is from Bob Dylan, when he became a Christian, his fans booed him and called him a traitor. It is amazing how many of them today are boo hooing in hell. People say pot it is medicinal. I rather call on Dr. Jesus, my great healer and deliverer. It doesn't cost me anything. My high has all been paid for, by Jesus. Soon and very soon I will get so much more higher right back into his arms.. Who is coming with me?

All Paid For by Jesus


Stars in Bondage
Everyone loves to Sing. However, one cannot live like the devil and expect heaven. These people are under the impression, there is no escape. When a man-like Robyn Williams can't find a way to peace, there is a problem. All that wealth and no joy...The joy is in helping others in the name of Jesus. No one wants to be laughed at by their peers, I have proof many of their peers aren't laughing any more.

Satan Sings Hooray For Hollywood

Everyone has a favorite song so this must be his...I watch as young men and women are pulled into a lifestyle they are not prepared for. The world demands much of its self-proclaimed gods. Instead of doing the righteous thing with their wealth and honoring G-d, they use it to destroy themselves. The problem is that in many of them, Jesus does not live there. Welcome to the "Hotel California" were it is easy to check in but tough coming out. To think "Harpo" productions won't be getting any Harp "oh well." Matthew 10:30-33 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (It was getting the numbers where he wanted them in the Bible was HIS greatest challenge.) (31) Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. (32) Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. (33) But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven... Oprah denied HIM as the only way in front of her cult following of 22 million people good luck with that. I was told G-d don't need money so Oprah won't have any way to buy her way into heaven. It was free to bad she threw it away. It was to her worthless.

Everyone loves to Sing


The End of Protestant Freedom
To not see what is going on in America is without excuse. They did it to Russia, Germany and now the U.S. no one can be greater than Rome! They kill their own (Kennedy) and do not care about souls. Many Pastors are in league with the devil and his church, is yours one of them? Did your minister have you vote Romney and not warn you of the strong delusion of America's political system? The elect can't be deceived, those who love Christ know Christ and can see what the Father wants and is doing to rescue souls in these last hours.

Holding G-d back from winning the World is the Clergy.

Vestments and robes do not make men holy, there is a wedding to plan and you would think men of G-d would know that the Groom is coming! Every bride gentleman needs a rehearsal. G-d deals first with the clergy, then with the congregation in this one.

G-d places clues all over scripture to reveal HIS harvest plans. Do you know my Jesus?


The New World Order needs to go on hold for a while so that we can do some intervention in the lives of many lost and confused souls. It should not be too hard to see what Father has been up to and quiet about. I will need some help with this of course, I can't do it all by myself. Anyone up for the task at hand? Radio, TV and our technology will be a big plus in this one last push to the cross. Hey...Jesus is on His way!

Intervention We need to Stop These People and Open their Eyes.

If we see a crime being committed or know one in the making as a good citizen of the kingdom one should report it. The rest of us should sit the offending party down and intervene in this case our loved ones will be hurt by it if we don't.

Those heading to structure the new world order are building the same fascist system that we defeated not more than 60 years ago. Fool me once shame on you.


Satisfying Food
Thank G-d for the Jewish people without them, we would have no Bible and no knowledge of our blessed Savior. This one explores the bread and the wine, plus a recipe for Challa bread.

The Bread of Life Confirms it Again.

Eat of the one who created the wheat to make the bread. Get to know HIM before its too late, and he takes HIS people home. If you are left behind Jesus says the horrors will be the worst the world has ever seen. He must judge sin and remove wickedness in order to protect those HE loves. He loves you but did you know how much?

The word of G-d is the bread of life. It is yummy in my tummy and protects me from the dummy! Everybody sing it!


The Winner Is?
The book of Revelation promises to bless its reader for the things within it are soon to happen. The countdown began after Israel became a nation. The woman clothed with sun moon and stars in Revelation 12:1 is Israel, not Mary get a grip! She is also found in Joseph's dream of his parents if it was not for the Nation of Israel not Mary there would be no story.

A Blessed Book Indeed.

Great book one with a promise to its reader... That they will be blessed because of it. Knowing that the hour is soon upon you... First the Antichrist must arise before Jesus comes to finish him once and for all. Now if evil is good and good has become evil, then that would mean I am the most wickedest person on the face of the planet one notch below Jesus if Satan were G-d.

A must read book one that has a promise to its reader they will be blessed when they see the hour.

More Videos Here >>>>



 Numbers 24:7-10  He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted. (8) G-d brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows. (9) He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee. (10) And Balak’s anger was kindled against Balaam, and he smote his hands together: and Balak said unto Balaam, I called thee to curse mine enemies, and, behold, thou hast altogether blessed them these three times.

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