Welcome to Zephyr Project Manager

Asana Integration

View your Asana projects and tasks in WordPress and import them into Zephyr to manage all your projects and tasks in one place.

Custom Fields

Create more detailed and personalized tasks by creating your own custom fields and assiging them to any tasks.

Beautiful Frontend

Includes a beautiful Frontend Project Manager that is customizable and easy to use to allow users or yourself to manage projects from the frontend with the dedicated user interface.

Kanban Boards

View your tasks in a Kanban board style and drag and drop them into different columns to keep them organized.

Reporting and Advanced Search

Create details project progress reports for any project and customize which data should be shown in the report. You can then print or save the reports.

Coming Soon...

Many more features coming soon as well as a mobile app to stay updated on the go.

Login to the Dashboard
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