COVID-19 Realtime Map

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Currently we have detected [cvct-text field=”confirmed”]+ total Corona Virus cases worldwide. Current recovery rate is [cvct-text field=”recovered-per”], as [cvct-text field=”recovered”] patients have recovered out of total [cvct-text field=”confirmed”]+ covid-19 cases.

Unfortunately, [cvct-text field=”death”]+ people have died due to this virus infection, mortality rate in currently [cvct-text field=”death-per”] around the world. [cvct-text field=”active”]+ cases are still active, that represents [cvct-text field=”active-per”] of the total number of cases detected worldwide.

According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

[cvct country-code=”all” style=”style-3″ title=”Coronavirus World Map” label-total=”Total” label-deaths=”Deaths” label-recovered=”Recovered” bg-color=”transparent” font-color=”#222″]

[cvct-maps layout=”style-2″ show-list=”yes” title=”Coronavirus World Map (Light)” high-color=”#bf3939″ medium-color =”#d46565″ low-color=”#f7aa9d” verylow-color=”#f9c7b7″ verymuchlow-color=”#fffdf1″ default-color=”#9cffa2″]

[cvct country-code=”all” style=”style-1″ title=”Global Stats” label-total=”Total Cases” label-deaths=”Deaths” label-active=”Active Cases” label-recovered=”Recovered” bg-color=”#DDDDDD” font-color=”#000″]