Cake Policy

The way I see it you have two options Join the Church and take part in the wedding feast of the Lamb of G-d where we will be having the most exquisite  meals each catered to the taste and liking of the person preceded  by Cake and Ice Cream.

We have cookies but they are Famous Amos, Oreo’s, Fig Newtons, and we really like those elves so anything Keebler is welcome.

Before we depart there will be a great celebration of Christians in which the one world leader will have the entire swiss guard march to the repetitious chants of Oreo’s.

We do not have the believe  it’s Jesus or die cookies,  we don’t carry those or serve people who like those or who serve them.

The other Choice is you can stay behind with the devil and his cohorts in their new world,   old world order. That Father has clearly given us a visual of.

You would have to be deaf,  dumb and blind not to see it coming and certainly not one of the elect.

You having been drawn here and hear the LORD knocking on your heart’s door that HE wants you to attend so very badly.

He allowed all of this just for you to see the choices and how the one who wanted to be G-d fails in every way.  Like him, so many of us are seeking to be our own god and our lives suffer because of wrong choices.  Choose to follow Christ and you will never be disappointed.

Before you go and click the show me more link this is warning the images are graphic but they tell you what evil is capable of.  Don’t say it won’t happen to you when you realize that when the church is gone that’s everyone who bowed their knee and honored G-d’s word you will know we told you the truth from the beginning and you chose not to believe it.

Then it will dawn on you of the eternal torment you are facing by the god you chose.

You will find yourself having to make that decision take the mark and be separated from a LOVING WONDERFUL GOD who teaches us the value of true LOVE.  He does not force you to love HIM,  HE shows you how much HE loves you and lets you decide.













You have been warned.


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This website uses a Cookies Yummm to give you the best experience.  As you can tell by the site I cater to the LORD so we have HIS cookie policy attached to our cookie.  I say leave the cookies to the Girl Scouts and the saving of souls to those who know Jesus.