Compromise lacks commitment when I was extended the hand of fellowship in the AG church I was greeted with,  “We do not have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ. ”  That is total Jesuit thinking. This is in direct opposition to Amos 3:3 and will not take the kingdom of darkness down. Then again why would darkness want too? One would have to be in the light to understand that. The word shall endure forever, Christ did not compromise,  had HE  we would all be in trouble. Christ for me is God in the flesh walking among us, that it is only at the cross the Spirit of God leaves HIM as all our sins are poured out onto him. Dividing perfection into two parts.  like splitting the atom. The Angels insisted on seeing the SON and with it they created fission not fusion. They should have just… Read moreCompromise


The image is a picture of a crown of thorns Christ made a commitment and a promise to all who would believe those who would call on his name would be saved from the fires of hell built for the devil and his angels. This one is shaped like a star of David God loves the Jews we are to love them as well. They represent the Angels who waited for the promise of the Son these Jews are waiting for the promise of the Messiah. Jesus deserves a greater crown and billion times more a better crown. That is why we will throw all of ours at his feet. There are 12 thorns on the outside representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  Inside we find another 5 raised sections if we were to go to Psalm 12:5 we are revealing my Preacher who puffeth at me.  If you were… Read moreCommitment