He leaves the 99 to seek that one!

Friend, let me ask you a question where are you headed? Not in this life a career or family but at the end of the road.   For some that could be tomorrow. For many it is today.  Some are entering into a continued relationship with their creator or one that is non-existent because they just couldn’t be bothered to know the truth. The truth is… That is why we were here,  for that very purpose alone. To enjoy our G-d and take pleasure in HIM. For the cad and the man of a debased mind he tries out all the gods and never finds his true love or he is aware of his true love but tells HIM when I am done with the others, I will come to you.   If it were a woman or a man depending on your own DNA structure they would tell you to take a hike. … Read moreHe leaves the 99 to seek that one!