What if Jesus accomplished alone HIS SEVEN Years?

If you read the Bible and I hope you have, you will see a story that is found in Genesis 41:15 -53   if we are to end this thing here is a very good place to end it,   where it says the good years ended. If you count every time the word SEVEN is mentioned (KJV) you will have a count of 21 which is cleverly hidden 777. After the good years come the very bad years or what we refer to as the seven years of tribulation proceed. G-d loves HIS creation that includes you, the enemy called G-d a liar that the Son was not real and that you shouldn’t believe in what you could not see.  So his lie began that first, he knew the SON after all he was the Son’s covering.   He was how G-d began to reveal HIS Son to the Angel’s before the creation of… Read moreWhat if Jesus accomplished alone HIS SEVEN Years?