Scope and Purpose Targeting the Enemy

As a Christian and knowing the realities of hell,  having been raised up as a Catholic by a mother who lived a tormented existence who swore up and down that was how she wanted to die, without peace and without joy.

I desire that none find themselves in that same place of eternal torment.

When choosing a site, PLEASE pray about it,  you want one that you can shine the greatest in. Each has a different purpose mentioned on the Members Only Page.

A foolish game is what the enemy began and we will finish it to the glory of G-d,  the real one and not the one who raised me. Who claimed he knew god and knows what god wants.

Now that the Catholic Church has taken America you can be sure suffering for many will come as they try to eliminate the religion they are wholly responsible for.  That means in the blink of an eye a nuclear weapon can wipe out a whole population of their enemies. father Abraham’s descendants.

Had they shared the gospel as the LORD  and the disciples desired.  None of us would be in this situation.

The Featured image is a high powered Laser-Like CANON not even on the drawing board at the Pentagon it is found on our ship the Babel-on 5 which is a name you stole from us . It has on the outside  9 raised sections the number for judgment.  The bullseye is one surrounded by three sections giving the total of all raised parts to 13 with SEVENTEEN impressions of a circuit.     Without the circuitry, the gun doesn’t work. Psalm 17:1-15 emphasis on Psalm 17:13. If we subtract the three half circles because we don’t like things that are half holy we are tak4en to Psalm 14:1-7.

The Problem with the priesthood and the reason Jesus came to end the purpose of it,  is the all self-importance one imposes on himself and others. He that is to be the greatest among you must be the servant of all.  The greatest lie of the devil is that he knew the most high  (Jesus) who hadn’t even been revealed to anyone until HIS time after the creation of man.  Up till then, it was just Father (HIS HEART focused on the work of HIS Son) and HIS legions of angels.

Because of men’s darkness and inability to forgive or do the right thing we as a world suffer.  The Sixth website is to expose them and their plans and to warn them repentance is required.  They built their own gallows.

The purpose of the Seven websites falls in line with the seven churches we can all agree that Jesus Christ is Lord and that we are LIVING IN THE LAST MOMENTS OF TIME.

When the church is gone, those left behind will be lied too as always that it was UFO’s that took us away.  They will be told that they have been cleansed of us wicked no fun Christian’s.

So let’s have blast before we blast off!

These websites sites will refute that lie.  The shirts will stir curiosity and show comradery.  We will be a rainbow of colors at festivals, concerts and crusades you will meet the people you have been chatting with and make new friends.

It will also give us hope and encouragement each site has the ability to chat with the other sites or start your own private chat.   Chat is open so get acquainted we will be living together for a long time.

It is not Noah’s Ark but if your name is written in the Lambs book of Life it should be found here.  It will also help provide records for the missing.

Preparing the way of the LORD and HIS bride will take a concerted effort.  Each site will have several overseers that will send out tasks that should be accomplished such as organizing crusades, signing musicians and renting theme parks for a day or three.  All for children to be children and enjoy themselves without the threat of a perverted priesthood harming them. That is why we have this crop circle with Archangels watching over the Park to keep out the real terrorists.


Angels guard the park so that children can be children. Men man your weapons get your grill gear on we are going to bless millions all over America and England.

This image below is like the featured image only it is the angels holding him down so that Father may fire HIS arrows and I hope you are one of HIS arrows.


There are 25 sections inside the 1 Scope 5 angels behind the scope holding him down. Made up of 31 sections. Psalm 31:1-24 if we subtract the five sections outside the bullseye you come to my favorite Psalm,  Psalm 26:1-12.

If you belong to Christ and you are Born Again, then you belong here to help others see how much Father loves them.

Brother Abel

FYI this is Babel on 5 Babel was first kingdom I get last Kingdom.

Angel outpost observing man. Learning what is good and what is evil.

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