SE(E) SOM(E) more of Moses

There is treasure found in the understanding of this great leader who led the FIRST Exodus into the promised land.  This teaching promises to open your eyes.  Moses gives us proof of the earth’s early age revealing that it is not millions of years but more like thousands of years old.  It all relates to the final Exodus into the resurrection of the real promised land, the very kingdom of G-d.  Leaving the wicked to destroy each other. Jesus refers to this time as the great tribulation the worst time in the history of man. Rapture is for the penitent who do not offend and commit iniquity.  Preterism denies it, and the world laughs concerning it. However, G-d cast out those who refused to worship HIS Son and honor HIM now HE will leave the unthankful and unholy behind. Taking the righteous in Christ home. We are simply upside down… Read moreSE(E) SOM(E) more of Moses