Have Hope for Hopes Sake

 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Titus 2:13

If you know somebody that needs HOPE this site and gr44.net,  gr44.org are there to help others see the reality of what we are doing.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF ANOTHER!  HELL IS REAL I HAVE PROOF!

Titus 2:13  look closely we can see another 777 plus 3, or we can add 13 + 2 for 555. We also have here a six, but it’s all by itself “SNIFF,”  and it doesn’t last very long “SNIFF SNIFF”   just seven years that’s all you got nine years ago I gave what you needed to make your seven years happen.  However,  you did not want the truth to be told, and so you get nothing! You ate up my three years, and I took your seven.

Each section represents one branch of America’s government. The Angels outside seek to attack the enemy within.

Now you will use those wonderful Roman Christians to start blowing up sections of the world in your fit of anger or the one’s who reject Christ that you put in power.  Well if you didn’t provoke me to anger through them, then things would have been better.  You would have gotten your peace plan and built your temple. Father counted the cost before HE began building HIS house you are just doing the job you were created to do.  Find those who love the SON of G-d enough to die for HIM.  The nations of the world would have gathered together to rejoice at your coming with all the weapons pointed up to the heavens for a grand salute to the Return of Jesus.

Hell was to rise up to greet me and welcome me for your sake, I just wouldn’t bend your way and stood my ground hoping that others would catch on.  If only those who claimed to love JESUS would have risen to the occasion to give you what you wanted without you having to kill them by the thousands.

I want to give you the peace plan but you and your ministers of light don’t want mine.

We both know you are killing the ones in name only who did not know Christ they were yours, to begin with trying to solicit pity for them and making others buy into they’re Christian’s too mentality.  They ignored every teaching and commandment of Christ and HIS Father.   They lifted HIS mother and never noticed Jesus came to the earth to lift HIS “Father” as the Father lifted HIM in heaven!

The very reason we do not have healing abundantly is that of the eyes you have blinded that I try to open.

You actually thought you could place your minions into positions of Kings in G-d’s heaven?

It is only G-d (the real one) who gives to whom HE wills the kingdom’s of the earth (look it up,  it’s in the Bible).   As a servant of HIM, I intended from the start to do what you wanted to do.   Only I will do it for G-d (the real one) place our kings in power as soon as a Pentecostal man can admit he doesn’t know G-d so that his soul can be saved.

I will only do it for him when I asked Father if he was outside of HIS will and a closet Catholic in danger of judgment, the church just started coming apart.  I know what your role in it was. You saw Father take away his hand of protection because of the value HE places on Jesus and rightly so.   The world is sorry that you did not see your own value.  When the people who did the financial ministry left and the cookies came in my answer was definite,  he is one of yours.  I knew that when he extended the right hand of fellowship to me saying, “We do

Father, when is it going to be my turn at bat??? Bad men won’t let me play! They call me dirt bag. 🙁

not have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ.”  Failing to see how a comment like that will ever defeat you?  It goes against Amos 3:3 these two 3’s must turn and face each other.  We must agree on many fronts let’s agree that the Emperor is wearing new clothes, let’s agree the priesthood was deliberately ended when Jesus said it was finished.”  Let’s agree that HIS Father is more important than HIS Mother.

That was the power you should have been going after it was the Father who made everything and it was the SON that HE gave all the credit too because HIS SON hits the home run and brings them all in.


I am trying. However, the man who betrayed Christ says I’m not???  He keeps saying I am not trying??? What to bend to his will???  I think Father’s business cards will reach more people than his I’m pretty sure of it.

In the meantime, I am working on that whole turning stone into bread thing.  I got it going the other way thanks to the microwave and a damp cloth I can restore it.  That is how I intend to use all this wonderful technology to get everyone home!

Father does not bless error, but you reward it as part of your trap.  Cancer is beneath the feet of Jesus above the Virgin who has been lifted into a position she should never have had! Don’t say G-d doesn’t care he wrote the entire story in the stars,  can’t change those now, can we?

G-d makes no mistake in where HE places Virgo in the tabernacle where she belongs under the feet of Jesus (Judah / Leo) beneath Cancer

You wanted to be like the most high what did you expect?  That you could just do whatever you wanted?  I will hand it to you getting them all to believe that you do not exist, well that is like being like the most high but not quite.   The most high showed love and compassion HE came into the world like a baby lamb intended for the slaughter all because you wanted to be like HIM and those who followed you insisted on seeing HIM.

I ‘ve said it before and I will continue to say it…”It is admirable that anyone would desire to be like the most high in fact Father encourages it in us all.  Still what is greater than truth and opening blind eyes?  I would rather men fall on their knees rather than on their backs.   Someday a Pentecostal minister may understand that.  Why do they gravitate towards the wicked and befriend them rather than those who stand on the word??? Pentecostalism is growing and that I am happy for,  if Christ is really there we have nothing to worry about if he is not well it means a lot of people may have it wrong.  Me,   I play it safe I stick with what I know there is only one King on the hill that deserves all glory and honor.

Oddly the ones who lean towards the ones G-d is sending HIS judgment against have all the gifts and know G-d???  Do you now?

The worst of it is how you got them thinking you call the shots, that you get to pick your ride?!? LOL, I told people when I first got saved and filled with the SPIRIT of G-d (the real one) that the Antichrist didn’t know he was the antichrist until G-d (the real one) told him he was.

How beautiful is that? Knowing that all those who are looking for your ride on the top of the pyramid don’t know G-d (the real one) at all.  It will save many of them from hearing “Away from me I never knew you” it will give them a chance to repent.

I have repented every time I think of HOPE I am reminded of three precious children that grew up in my neighborhood Faith,  Hope,  and Charity by now they have children of their own.   They were Christian and my Methodist friend and I “The Catholic”   gave these young girls a hard time.   I guess I have it coming Pentecostals now pick on me,  women wherever you are thank you for being in my life when I needed friends.  One day G-d is going to show the world your value.

Love and Kisses
Brother Abel

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