Business Card Evangelism

God desires that none should perish; missing the next most significant event on God’s calendar would be such a tragedy the whole purpose of it all was to bring us to this.

Who wants to stay for the black (Biden) and red horse (China) taking over just put these down and let others pick them up.

Each of these cards is attached to their respective websites for your perusal. Vista Print does not pay me or offer an affiliates program that I am aware of, go there and have the cards made. Each card below is linked to its design platform repetition here is the only time this works best. Mine is left intentionally blank on the back. I will write in the nearest Church that I believe is not part of the apostasy for them to attend.

I support only one God, and if you know HIM and you know your Church knows HIM, place your Church’s address and contact information on the back.

You can do this with either a stamp from $12.00-$22.00 depending on size (With the proper care, your stamp can be used up to 10,000 times) or pay the extra $7.00 per 100 cards for the printing for $22.00 you get 500 cards an additional $11.00 gets you 1000. So for $33.00 plus the back printing of $70.00, the cards total 103.00 plus another $10 for shipping $113.00 get the stamp 1000 cards 33.00 shipping 6-8 dollars. The cost of winning one soul is priceless; go and get those crowns!

Leaving the backs blank will get them to the site, but you know they will have questions, so be prepared to give the answers or send them to a church that understands the Answers, please.

Tell them to hand it to the Pastor for a free meal. 🙂 Think of me as the chief butler and he the baker.

I did a Christian film festival for years, and we do not send them to the Romish Church that is building this nightmare; send them to a church that Can help set Roman Catholics free, not the apostates.

You can even make a website with your own creative domain, and link it with serverofall fill it with messages from God and let the lost know it was not Aliens or UFO’s that took us home, those left behind will see what’s coming and run to the cross at least let’s pray they will.

The enemy built 108 pyramids and had false kings false gods and false priesthoods serving them both so 18 websites is just a spit in the bucket they can’t shut us all down.

Choose your weapon!