Hath God need money for Revival?

This sentence was spoken to me twice sixty days apart when I tried to explain what God had told me.  Once by the treasure, he used the “Hath” having possessed a KJV and the second time by the Pastor with the NASB who used the “Has” word for word.   I could see it was the same spirit defenders of the dragon and his treasury. The answer is no he does not need money for a revival any more than he needed that fancy covering cherub, it was to express the value HE placed on   HIS SON.   HE is doing the same thing here that HE did in heaven.  When the Pastor of the AG church stood on the altar and said to the congregation, I love you three times and asked them the question, “You know that  I love you- right?  The treasurer was sitting on my right, and I… Read moreHath God need money for Revival?